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“Why are the Gyms so Packed Bro”

Gym attendance skyrockets after New Year, affecting students at WHS

by Raahim Ali  •  Jan 23, 2023

2022 NBA Playoffs

Tatum and Allen dominate early matchups

by Raahim Ali  •  May 9, 2022

Football Freegency

Football free agency this year has been quite the exhilarating experience. With players like Devante Adams leaving the Packers and Russel Wilson joining the Broncos is only a small glimpse into what happened this off-season. Starting off with the Quarter Backs who got traded or signed with another team, Russel…

by Raahim Ali  •  Apr 5, 2022

The Super Bowl 2022

Preview/ Analysis of the Superbowl Matchup

by Raahim Ali  •  Feb 10, 2022

New Waukee Aquatic Facility

The Waukee Community School district is getting a new pool (or aquatics facility), very soon and all the information that is known to the public will be shared in this article. So far, we know that the facility will accommodate both of the Waukee Highschools swimming programs, meaning that both…

by Raahim Ali  •  Jan 25, 2022

Winter Holidays Around The World

December is the month leading up to many holidays around the world. With December coming to an end, taking a look at the holidays around the world that are occurring around this time is a nice segway to Christmas break. To start off, Boxing Day takes place on December 26.

by Raahim Ali  •  Dec 21, 2021

The Hidden Story of Thanksgiving

It’s that time of year when people are getting the family together for Thanksgiving. Some people have a big feast and celebrate giving back to others while being thankful for a holiday they don’t know the origin of. Native Americans, who know the origin of Thanksgiving, celebrate a little differently.

by Raahim Ali  •  Nov 24, 2021

NFL Week 1-6 Retrospective

It’s the time of the year when all sports start up again, and this year looks more exhilarating than ever. It is currently October 18th, which means it’s week 6 in the NFL, the NBA season starts tomorrow, and the NHL started up on the 12th of October. In the…

by Raahim Ali  •  Nov 2, 2021

Football’s Most Gruesome Injuries

Just in time for Halloween, we share the true horror stories. Read if you dare.

by Raahim Ali  •  Oct 25, 2021